Flight Deck Solutions

Improve your inflight safety, efficiency, and passenger experience while collecting key aircraft data to further enhance flight operations.

SD Flight Deck Solutions offer secure, cost-effective datalink communications between the pilot and ground systems or other aircraft.

Datalink communications also enable the collection and transfer of aircraft data for integration with your flight operations. This goes beyond standard flight tracking to the extraction of ‘big data’ to further optimize safety and efficiency, including fuel use, engine, and key systems performance. SD Flight Deck Solutions are fully compliant and support datalink communications for business and military aviation worldwide. And are compatible with all avionics and airframe manufacturers.

FlightDeck Freedom®

Secure, cost-effective datalink communications.

Telemedicine Service

Full medical support from Aircare International.

FlightDeck Freedom

SD’s FlightDeck Freedom (FDF) is the only datalink communications platform to integrate both flight deck and cabin communications and connect to leading international trip planning services. 

Fully compatible with all avionics and airframe manufacturers, it offers secure, cost-effective datalink communications that support both business and military aviation. FDF connects multiple aircraft components to ground-based solutions in an open platform that is fully integrated with your flight operations ecosystem to improve user experiences and operational efficiency – overcoming limitations experienced with other datalink solutions. 

It also incorporates Performance-Based Communication and Surveillance (PBCS) monitoring to ensure your aircraft’s datalink communications performance is compliant with industry standards.

  • Flight Plan Upload to FMS (compatible with 20+Flight Plan Providers)
  • FANS (CPDLC & ADS-C) Air Traffic Services (ATS) messaging
  • Flight PlanWinds upload to FMS
  • Digital ATIS
  • Pre-Departure and Oceanic Clearances
  • Text weather: METAR, TAR, PIREP, SIGMETS, NOTAMS, Winds Aloft
  • Automated movement reports (takeoff & landing) to email, fax or mobile phone
  • Aircraft messages to email, fax or mobile phone
  • Direct email access to aircraft: tail#@fdfmail.com allows authorized users to send messages directly to crew on the MCDU
  • Engine monitor reporting
  • Central Maintenance Computer (CMC) messages
  • Graphic Weather for eligible avionics (add on)
  • Exclusive SD short code access for cabin communication systems status
  • SD Pro account and FDF settings management
  • Global flight tracking via SD Pro Flight Tracker
  • Tracker Mail: email service that allows a request for aircraft position information to be sent to requestor’s device.
  • Access to worldwide VHF & VDL Mode 2 ground stations
  • GeoService notifications for SD subscribed service areas

Alerts are sent to indicate GeoFence boundaries for satellite network coverage, DIRECTV/OneView service areas, regions of potential data security concerns and other custom-defined areas. These provide diversion planning to avoid potentially dangerous situations with data updates every five minutes, real-time notifications, and monitoring of changing and hazardous weather conditions.

An example of how FDF GeoFences can support customer operations is a new alert that was set up to warn aircraft of potential falling space debris from a rocket launched from French Guiana.  This specific event covered common off-shore airways which may have caused critical hazards to aircraft in the area. GeoFence adds an additional safety factor for these types of situations and helps improve connectivity reliability.


FlightDeck Freedom supports all mandatory, advanced Air Traffic Control safety services to ensure your aircraft is compliant: Future Air Navigation System (FANS), Automatic Dependent Surveillance Contract (ADS-C), and Controller-Pilot Datalink Communications (CPDLC). SD works with Air Navigation Service Providers around the world to advance the compliance of safety services via datalink.

PBCS monitoring helps keep aircraft compliant with industry mandates such as those in the North Atlantic High-Level Airspace (NAT HLA). SD PBCS monitoring also provides performance reports and troubleshooting assistance on suspected issues to bring operations back into compliance. 

Data Link Unit

SD Data Link Unit (DLU) is the only FANS over Iridium system that is FAA TSO-C159c certified.

FANS-1/A+ is the latest digital, text-based messaging system for communications between the pilot and ground systems or other aircraft. It reduces communication errors, eliminates repetition, and language or accent issues normally experienced with traditional voice-based systems to improve safety and efficiency, particularly in congested air space. It allows separate communications to air traffic control and other aircraft without impacting those to the cabin. Automatic position reports are also sent to help reduce crew workload and stress.

SD DLU features a built-in Iridium satellite transceiver and has certified RTCA DO-178B, Level D software. It has STCs on many popular aircraft types, including Challenger, Falcon, Gulfstream, BBJ, Airbus, and Learjet. It can be integrated into a broad range of flight deck systems and is easy to install with no configuration required.

DLU Device

Weather and Entertainment Services

SD partners with SiriusXM Aviation to bring you satellite-delivered weather and entertainment services in flight. 

Navigate more safely with access to the latest, location-specific weather information displayed in high-resolution graphics throughout your flight. SiriusXM Pilot Pro provides comprehensive data on NEXRAD storm cells, lightning, TAFs and METARs, temporary flight restrictions, wind forecasts, turbulence, icing, surface visibility, and more. Dynamic data elements, such as radar and lightning, are updated every 2.5 minutes, while more static information is updated every 60+ minutes. 

Enjoy ad-free music, sports, talk shows, comedy, and news on over 150 channels through SiriusXM Satellite Radio on your cockpit audio system. All you need is a compatible receiver for service availability in continental United States, Canada, and coastal regions.

Contact the SD team for more details.

Telemedicine Service

SD partners with Aircare International to provide a comprehensive and affordable medical program to further enhance safety, from pre-trip preparation until you return. This includes 24/365 emergency telemedicine and tele-support services, in-flight medical training, medical kit management, security, and safety reports.

Aircare International is fully integrated with SD FlightDeck Freedom, which enables their team to track your flight in real time, prepare for emergency situations that may occur on your flight route, and contact the aircraft by phone or text. 

Contact the SD team for more details.

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